National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens
Art Make-Up

Bruce Nauman

Art Make-Up


Audiovisual Media

Φιλμ 16 χιλ. που έχει μεταφερθεί σε βιντεοταινία

16mm colour film transferred into videotape, with sound
Duration 42’57”

Art Make-Up Νο 1, White, 1967
Inv. No. 25/2000

Art Make-Up Νο 2, Pink, 1967-68
Inv. No. 26/2000

Art Make-Up No 3, Green, 1967-68
Inv. No. 27/2000

Art Make-Up Νο 4, Black, 1967-68
Inv. No. 28/2000

Purchased in 2000
Inv. No. 25-28/2000

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