National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens
Looking for a Place

Nikos Navridis

Looking for a Place


The work is displayed as part of the permanent exhibition

Audiovisual Media

Video installation

4 channel synchronised video projection with sound
Duration: 17΄ 24΄΄
Εdition 1/3 and 1 artist’s proof
Purchased on subsidy by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, 2002
Inv. No. 211/02

The video installation titled Looking for a Place is a contemplative work focusing on the perpetual shifting of boundaries between people and their surroundings. The issues put forward in Navridis’ work centre around the never-ending quest for an “existential space”. As the artist observes, “we are always Looking for a Place, no matter how or when”. In the installation, as also in an abundant body of other works —drawings, videos, other installations— breath becomes that arbitrary and living scale of measurement of space and his fluid interaction with the human body. One of his most significant works, video installation Looking for a Place was shown in EMST’s inaugural exhibition under the title Synopsis 1 – Communications, held at the ground floor of the Fix building in 2001. The linear succession of the four projections is developed as a phrase through the recording and mediation of the medium of video. The participants’ blindness, the role of the breath and that of the void, intimacy and isolation define the framework within which the artist makes his attempt at exploring
the interaction among space, body, and language. As Navridis has stated: “And what we were finally seeking through the word ‘place’ was a ‘common place’. A point with infinite multiplicities and possible solutions. Spaces that verify all human things”.
Tina Pandi, text from the permanent exhibition guide ENTER EMST : Collection & History, A short guide, 2020

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