National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens
Berlin (10. 11. 1974 – 28. 1. 1975) – Dreaming Under Water

Rebecca Horn

Berlin (10. 11. 1974 – 28. 1. 1975) – Dreaming Under Water


Audiovisual Media

Φιλμ 16 χιλ. που έχει μεταφερθεί σε DVD

16 mm film transcribed into DVD, duration 42΄, colour, with sound
Documentation of 8 performances with an epilogue

Touching the walls with both hands simultaneously
Feathers dance on the shoulders
Keeping half of those unfaithful legs
Two little fish remember a dance
Rooms meet in mirrors
Shedding skin between moist tongue leaves
Cutting one’s hair with two pairs of scissors simultaneously
When a woman and her lover lie on one side looking at each other, and she twins her legs around the man’s legs with the window wide open, it is the OASIS

Edition 3/300
Purchased in 2003
Inv. No. 491.1 – 491.9/03

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