National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens
Video Synthesizer and “TV Cello” Collectibles

Nam June Paik

Video Synthesizer and “TV Cello” Collectibles


Audiovisual Media

Film transferred into videotape,

Film transferred into videotape, colour, silent
Duration 23’20’’

Εarly Color TV Manipulations by Nam June Paik, 1965-1968
Duration 5΄18΄΄
Inv. No. 7/2000

Video Commune (Beatles from Beginning to End), 1970-1992
Duration 8΄36΄΄
Inv. No 8/2000

TV Cello Premiere, 1971
Duration 7΄25΄΄
Inv. No 9/2000

Purchase, 2000
© Photo: Electronic Arts Intermix, New York

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